The influence of other cultures can be found in both savoury and
sweet classical recipes in Austria. Different regions often have their
own variations as do many individuals.

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coffee culture
Kaffeehauser have a long traditipn in Austria. They take pride in
their extensive choice of coffees with at least a dozen different
varieties usually being on offer together with individual signature
drinks. Coffee is usually served with a glass of water, which is topped
up for free. Despite every Kaffeehaus being different, certain traditions
are honoured everywhere. For example, if you order a single drink you
can usually stay at the Kaffeehaus as long as you like.
The most common coffee specialities include:
Kleiner Brauner and Großer Brauner - "little brown one" or "large brown one" are close to what is consider to be ordinary coffee: black with a bit of milk, yet typically not filtered, but steamed like espresso.
Verlängerter - a diluted but larger version of the Großer Brauner, typically served with milk

Melange - a combination of frothed milk and steamed coffee similar to Italian cappuccino

Milchkaffee or Café latte - a large coffee with frothed milk

Einspänner - strong, black coffee typically served with a dash of whipped cream

Schwarzer or Mokka - strong, black coffee

Türkischer - a very hot, strong, sweeter coffee with the grains still in the cup

Eiskaffee - cold coffee, traditionally  with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream

Cappuccino - regional variation made from coffee and whipped cream rather than frothed milk

Fiaker - a  not-so-common  coffee with a shot of Austrian rum and whipped cream

Mazagran – a cold version of Fiaker-variation with ice, a shot of rum - and possibly sugar
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Vienna coffee house conversations in English
The Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations is a series of dinners where a
visitor and a local sit down for a Viennese meal with coffee, choosing
from a menu of questions to ask each other. They are in English and
suitable for couples, small groups and single travellers. After an
introduction people sit together and enjoy interesting Viennese food
in a relaxed ambience. Recent local participants include artists, teachers,
engineers, inventors, NGO officials, and journalists, curious to meet visitors like you and learn about different views. After dinner, there is a chat involving the whole group, over a drink. The Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations build on Oxford University professor Theodore Zeldin’s Conversation Meals, which have taken place as part of street festivals, in art galleries from London to Singapore, and at the World Economic Forum in Davos.